About Us



The art of living in Brussels: where elegance and modernity meet with a unique, clearly recognizable chic. The Belgian capital is a highly prized destination, an important political and economic crossroads. It is also appreciated for its rich cultural and historical heritage. Just 90 minutes from Paris by Thalys high-speed train, 30 minutes from Lille by TGV high-speed train and two hours from London by Eurostar, “Bruxelles la Belle” is the place to be.

All that was missing was a home sweet home to live like a local under the best possible conditions. That dream is now a reality. Charles’ Home offers a new concept in Brussels that has been tried and tested in other capital cities: top-of-the-range furnished rental accommodation.

Charles’ Home is a new way of living in Brussels where you can feel at home in a unique, cosy environment. It means comfort combined with state-of-the-art equipment, especially when it comes to home automation. Heating, lighting and security rival with high-speed internet, plasma screens and satellite TV in terms of cutting edge installations to make the most of your stay.

Charles’ Home means turning a business trip, a parliamentary session or a holiday into a home stay. With a choice of six apartment buildings strategically located in the city’s best neighbourhoods, visitors can choose the ideal spot to meet their needs.

Charles’ Home is everyone’s dream rental offering a wide range of accommodation with optimum services. Laundry and cleaning problems are immediately solved: every stage of your stay is anticipated and looked after.

Reservations are quick and easy on Charles’ Home’s continually updated, high-performance website. A desk is also available in the city where a dedicated team welcomes clients, provides information and organizes customized stays. This astonishing office near the central square of Brussels was designed by FREAKS freearchitects whose designs, midway between art and architecture, combine different influences to achieve a new and humorous approach to construction.